internet dating, an introduction

Hello flower
spit or swallow
Tell me something arbitrary.
What’s your story?
Do you like it?
How is the life flow goin?
Nice smile.
Beer or wine.
you got the same name as my cat
Dtf ?
What chu derrnnn?
whereareyou now?
you look exciting
How do you feel about eloping immediately?
How do you feel about cum on your face?
Hey! Hey alexis! Hey Hey Hey Hey hi Hey hey! Hey hows it going Hey what’s up Hey Alexis! Sup baby Hellooo there Hey thereeee Heyy Hello Heyy there Hey how’s it goin? Hey whats up? :) Hola hey :) Hey Hey you’re cute Heyy :) Hey lo! Heey Hey! Hey! Heyy

I’ll take that as a massive no?